ButyGen Most Bioavailable Butyric Acid

ButyGen is suitably coated sodium butyrate which serves as the source of most bioavailable form of butyric acid in the distal part of gastrointestinal tract. The coating of butyric acid with a suitable fat matrix allows it to remain stable throughout the upper digestive tract and butyric acid is only released in the distal end of the digestive tract. There are various properties attributed to benefits of butyric acid which have been established through several trials and studies.

Some of the important benefits of highly bioavailable butyric acid are as below:

  • Stimulates the production of pancreatic secretion including enzymes and helps in digestive functions.
  • Stimulates insulin and promotes intestinal epithelium development in the distal part of digestive tract.
  • Improves absorption of electrolytes and enables energy for the animal.
  • Enough data confirms of butyric acid in stimulating the immune system of animals positively.
  • Suppressive action on many of the pathogenic microbes in the gut.

Recommended Usage:

Chicks and Growers: 300 g pet ton of feed

Breeders & Layers: 500 g per ton of feed

Dairy Animals: 20 g per day


5 Kg & 25 Kg bags