OvaSmart Improved Ovulation

OvaSmart organically developed is a unique Bio-phytogenic product which stimulates hormones for ovary functions enhancing egg production. It encounters factors like adverse weather conditions, poor health and imbalanced feeds, by improving efficiency of ovarian functions.

When included as per recommendation, OvaSmart has following benefits.

  • Substantial Improvement in Egg production.
  • Lowers egg breakage and thin shell eggs in cage birds.
  • Immediate recovery from drop in egg production due to adverse conditions like infections and feed toxicity.
  • Less feed intake per egg.
  • Higher Hen Housed Egg Production.

Composition: Each kg contains

Vitamin A
:  500000 IU
Vitamin D3
:  100000 IU
Vitamin E
:  5 gm
Vitamin C
:  10 gm
:  10 gm
:  10 gm
Organic Chromium Yeast
:  25 gm
Organic Selenium
:  1 gm
Herbal extract
:  150 gm
(Aloe barbadensis Solanum xanthocarpum)


Prelay : 200 gm / ton of feed
Layers : 300 gm / ton of feed
Drop in egg production
During recovery : 400 gm / ton of feed


500 g & 1 Kg