Tylogen FS Tylosin Phosphate 10 %

Tylogen FS is Tylosin Phosphate 10 % to be used as poultry feed supplement. Tylogen FS is used for prevention and treatment of infections caused by tylosin-sensitive pathogenic microorganisms like Mycoplasmosis, Chronic Respiratory Disease and Infectious Synovitis in chickens and turkeys.


Each Kg contains Tylosin Phosphate 100 gm.


  • Mycoplasmosis.
  • Chronic Respiratory disease and Infectious Synovitis
  • To improve weight gain and performance.

Usage Recommendation:

To be fed orally well homogenized into the feed. In order to reach uniform homogenization with feed, it is recommended to mix the measured quantity of the preparation (calculated on the basis of the prescribed dose) on stages in the following order: up to 10 kg feed; up to 100 kg feed; and up to 1000 kg feed.
To be added at the rate of 200 gm to 500 gm per ton of feed or as recommended by Veterinarian.


1 Kg & 25 Kg