VetoSacc Dairy Immunity, Productivity

VetoSacc is a unique combination of a special strain of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae with mannan oligosaccharides in a definite proportion that improves colonies of beneficial micro flora in gut, enhances immunity and productivity of dairy animals.

Benefits of including VetoSacc in ration of dairy animals

  • Reduced incidence of gut disorders like scour and other digestive disorders
  • Minimized load of harmful microorganisms load in the intestine
  • Enhanced Immunity levels, improved IgG concentration in serum
  • Greater natural immunity transfer from dam to calf

Feeding Recommendation:

Dairy Cows: 15 to 20 g/head/day

Calves: 5 g/head/day

In Feed: 2 Kg/ ton of feed.


5 Kg, 10 Kg & 25 Kg bags