VetoSel E Anti- Stress Formula

VetoSel E is a very potent combination of Vitamin E, Organic Selenium and Biotin with Ocimum Sanctum a well-known herb for its tremendous medicinal values specially in enhancing immunity. VetoSel E therefore significantly improves immunity and helps combat all forms of stress in poultry.

Composition: Each ml contains

Vitamin E
:  100 mg
:  0.5 mg
:  0.2 mg

Ocimum Sanctum extract adjusted to required levels


  • Usage in the first week leads to optimum immunity boost
  • Improves health of immunogenic organs bursa, spleen & thymus
  • Minimizes stress during outbreaks of IBD, IBH, Mycotoxicoses
  • Improves vaccination titer against ND & IBD
  • Helps combat all forms of stress including transportation, debeaking etc

Feeding Recommendation:


Through drinking water for 5-7 days, twice daily

  • Chicks & Growers: 2 ml per 100 birds
  • Broilers & Layers: 4 ml per 100 birds
  • Breeders: 6 ml per 100 birds


500 ml & 1 ltr

VetoSel E Premix:

also available in powder form.

Feeding Recommendation:

500 gm to 1 Kg per ton of feed or as advised by Veterinarian.


5 Kg & 10 Kg bags